Local Community

School children from Hythe Primary, along with their Head Teacher, Simon Mitchell Innes, celebrate the installation of solar panels at their school

Marchwood Power is committed to maintaining good relations with the local community through open, two-way communication. We carried out extensive public consultations during the permitting phase, and we continued to engage and interact with the local community as the project progressed through construction to commercial operation. At all times, we have worked closely with the Environment Agency and New Forest District Council to ensure that the development complied with all appropriate legislation and we will continue to do so

A local liaison group, representative of councillors from the Parish, District and County Councils as well as other interested parties, was set up and meets with the Marchwood project team on a regular basis to review the plant’s progress and now operation.

Schools Liaison

As part of Marchwood Powers commitment to forging links with the local community and with a particular emphasis given to energy, the environment and education, a School Liaison Officer was appointed in October 2007.

Marchwood Power has supported the Solar4Schools programme initiative as well as provide support to a range of other initiatives and community projects in the local area. Several schools and colleges in the area have since installed solar panels as part of the Solar4Schools scheme. The first solar panels were installed in January 2009.

The School Liaison Officer can be contacted through Marchwood Power.