Press Release: River Test estuary discharge statement from Marchwood Power Limited

Following scientific analysis of the white discharge in the River Test adjacent to the Marchwood Industrial Park, Marchwood Power Limited can confirm that it has been caused by jelly fish entering and exiting the station’s water intake and outfall.

As the jelly fish have passed through the station’s cooling water system, they have been broken down into a natural and harmless white “foaming” that has returned to the estuary. Marchwood Power Limited has retained the services of marine biologists to put in place measures to avoid the problem re-occurring and is working in consultation with the local authorities, including the Environment Agency.

Whilst the foam that has appeared on the River Test in recent days is organic and will not affect other fish species, the wider marine environment nor people, Marchwood Power Limited apologises for the visual impact on the River Test and any interference that it may cause.

Richard Holman, General Manager of Marchwood Power Limited said: “We are very sorry and we are taking every step to rectify the problem as quickly as possible. As the jelly fish have been broken down by the turbulence of the station’s water cooling system, their natural protein becomes similar to a detergent which has caused the foaming to occur. We expect the problem to be resolved by a modification to our operations, and helped by the weather, tides and winds we expect the foaming to improve within the next few weeks.”

Marchwood Power Limited is notifying local residents, local authorities and other organisations including ABP of the reasons for the foaming and the remedial steps that are being taken.

The issue became apparent during the power station’s commissioning. Running the 840MW gas-fired power station under test conditions will continue as the modifications to remove the white discharge are carried out. The commissioning of the power station is expected to be completed by the end of this summer and be ready for commercial operation before the end of the year.

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